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Thread: Need help on "Diplomatic Immunity" in Skyrim

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    Need help on "Diplomatic Immunity" in Skyrim

    I can't seem to finish this quest in Skryrim called Diplomatic Immunity. This is what you're supposed to do:

    -Search for information about the dragons returning
    -(Optional) Retreve your gear
    -Create a distraction and get away from the party

    It says I need to search the Ambassador's office to find out what the Thalmor know about the dragons. I can't get to the office!! I see it on the map but there's no way to get to it!

    Please help!

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    Yeah I had trouble with that quest too, to get to the Thalmor Embassy you need to go outside. So there's a door leading outside and you need to go through that, there will be snow outside. Then you need to get in and hide, you'll hear two people talking on the left side of the room. Go to the room right next to them and search the table.

    After that look at your map and go down the dungeon, there are two stairways leading down to the dungeon, take the stairs closest to where you just searched the desk.

    After that while the guy is beating the prisoner go into "sneak" mode and go search the chest right behind the guy sitting in the chair at the desk (dude has some nice potions and spells so you can sneak behind him and pickpocket or beat him over his head, 2 hits will take him out)

    *be sure to open the menu and flip through the pages of the Dossiers you just got to progress to the next step of the mission.


    Once you read the pages your guy will be caught (at least that's what happened to me, the guy who was at the bar who brought in the weapons for you). Two elf mofo's will come in and tell you to give up because they got your accomplice. Both of them have the key to the trap door you need to escape from. Don't forget to search all parts of the room upstairs and the chests because there is some nice armor and lots of gold. If you just kill everyone it's easy to search the room

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